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We do professional Business consultant services, for small business to corporate from Finland.

It means totally new concept of workflow and services. No heavy high level Executive administration, No heavy high level Executive project management. IT is all about pure execution of assignments and hard core on and in Time Delivery. Services offered are agile and designed and executed with LEAN principles in total flow. This means fast entry and fast exit in projects. No fear of year to year project scopes with 100 FTE organizations and experts running around or occupying your office spaces and using your resources.

It is all about taking responsibility of results and achieve set targets and goals without oops factor or other fancy excuses in the chain of excellence.

Sale deal for New quotes received before end of June -> 10% of from rates rate 1990€ + expenses Day

Operational process mapping and kpi setting deal 1 month time frame 25 000€ + expenses

Management Kpi training 2290€ per attendant, contains a training day, personal development training program, 3 months follow up package for progress. Can be offered separate package deals.

Management executive communication training, purpose to achieve a comprehensive and clear communication in and out in organization for TOP results. How to inspire and support your organization in extreme conditions. Learn the prep talk to boost personal leadership and management skills. Learn the key elements to achieve the trust. This will commit for 2 hours training 10 000€ per training session + expenses world wide.

Customer service training for positive feedback and company image 1250€ per attendant + expenses

 Lean stream in your business. Let us be the streamliner of your operations.
Nature and flow of Finnish spring stream


Management consultancy

Business process evaluations in full route to market chains. Chainge management consultancy. Risk management consultancy. Purchasing, Procurement, supply chain management cotracts. Logistics and IT.

Business evaluations

Business state evaluation, sales forecasting, market size evaluation, risk management, new product life cycle.

Are you ready to change your thinking culture? Let’s make it together for more success!

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